In Dialogue with Francis and Clare



Comprehensive Course on Franciscan Missionary Charism"

Elementary course on the Franciscan Missionary Charism"


The title means two aspects:

a) Study-reflect program

Lern- und ReflexionsprogrammPrimary objective of the course is to offer the Franciscan communities worldwide, and also to laymen ("friends of Francis and Clare") who are interested, an instrument to know deeper the Franciscan charism, its story and development, its significance for the evangelization, for living a Franciscanly marked life in our time, and for the inter Franciscan cooperation.


b) Organisation of the promotion of the Franciscan missionary charism Das Team

with an international centre in Würzburg, and continental, regional and national coordination offices in different continents or regions.

CCFMC - a fascinating project

The "elementary course for the Franciscan mission charism" (CCFMC) can only be understood when we bring it in connection with the II Vatican Council which gave it stimulus and direction. Therefore the forthcoming 50th Council anniversary should be for us an occasion to remind ourselves as to with what discovering-curiosity and unconcerned openness we started, over 30 years ago, this inter-Franciscan and intercultural project. It was a true atmosphere of new beginning; there was keen interest in the Roman curiae and in the local communities in developing this educational instrument which went back to the call of the Council for renewal and going back to the roots of the Franciscan family, on its very sources itself. The opening of the Church to the world, mission as an offer of the Kingdom of God understood as a comprehensive liberation from all experiences of bondage, salvation also to the non-Christian regions - all this made it necessary to reflect upon our understanding of our mission and our missionary task. Almost everywhere we found open doors and readiness to cooperate. Otherwise the project could not have become such a worldwide programme within almost ten years, with translations into more than 15 languages. Everywhere were sisters and brothers eager to discover their Franciscan roots and to translate them into today's language in the light of the Council and the requirements of the signs of the times.

Thus is the inheritance come to existence which we have to keep and to form. It is a fascinating project which has the spiritual strength and imagination - without which we do not create the necessary conversion - although it does not provide any concrete solutions for the pressing problems of our time. What we need is passion and dedication, tenderness and strength which embodied Francis and Clare like hardly anyone in the history. It is necessary to rediscover these, to be translated into our time; we then have a sure compass to guide us in the confusion of our times.

Andreas Müller OFM
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