How it started

II Vatican Council gave the stimulus

The "elementary course for the Franciscan missionary charism" (CCFMC) is the result of a worldwide inter Franciscan dialog. The II Vatican council gave the stimulus with its call to the religious orders to read anew the sources of the founder figures in the light of the "signs of the times" and thereby to make the spirituality accessible to our time. We try this with this course-programme.

It wants to stimulate the Franciscan mission charism anew and to strengthen the Franciscan-Clarian movement worldwide for its service to the world. It is offered in lesson units. Many sisters and brothers from all continents were involved in its development and completion. In this respect it is without parallel.

It is necessary to underline: This instrument of Franciscan education has been made at the base.

Sisters and brothers from the Franciscan family and interested people everywhere in the world and from different areas of life are looking today for a spirituality in which they can feel at home. They seek a rootedness in the Franciscan sources and a responsible perspective for the problems of our time.

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The executive committee of the international mission advisory committee of the Franciscans (OFM) in Rome emphasized in 1981 this aspect.

The general management of the Franciscans approved the plan.

The Mission Head Office of the Franciscans (MZF) in Bonn under the leadership of Fr. Andreas Müller was given the task of executing the project. A CCFMC office which was responsible for the worldwide coordination and promotion of the course was set up in the premises of the MZF.

In 2006 the CCFMC was founded a registered association - CCFMC e.v - with its seat in Würzburg.

The purpose of the organization is the promotion of the Franciscan-Clarian vision of a world of brother-sisterliness; of sharing and of interfaith dialog. By that it aims at serving the desire of the people for justice and peace and for the conservation of creation and thereby to help actively in their endeavour.

The goals of the association is realised particularly through:
  • Information, communication and work in the field of education, so that the Franciscan ideal of a world of sharing and solidarity with the poor and marginalised here and worldwide are realised concretely.
  • The production and distribution of materials regarding the clarification of Franciscan basic positions for the global understanding of the peoples and cultures.
  • The care and the construction of initiatives and the cooperation with facilities of a similar target.