We have something to offer:-

To the crises of our days, we want:

put a counter-Franciscan perspective


To the crisis of meaning:

put hope promising a future

To traditionalism:

a historical awareness obliged to the presence and the future

To the relation-crisis:

an obligatory membership

To finance, debts and bank crisis:

an economy which is obliged to the increase in the life

To consumism:

a culture of sharing and the solidarity

To the climate crisis:

a creation oriented lifestyle

To conflicts:

ways of the dialog, non-violence and peace

To confrontation of the cultures and religions:

a model of meeting and reciprocity

To sexism:

equal rights of man and woman with each other

To the exploitation of natural resources:

reverent dealing with creation

To a purely institutional understanding of the church:

a church which is established mystically and locally experienceable

To the social ideologies (capitalism, Marxism):

a brother-sisterly model

To the uniform (western) culture model:

the wealth of various and independent cultures.