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Who we are

We are women and men, who are


  • dedicated to the spiritual inheritance of Francis of Assisi (1182 - 1226) and Clare of Assisi (1192 - 1253)
  • wanting to face today's questions and problems.
  • We have written a study and dialogue programme which is translated into approx. 25 languages. This programme consists of 25 lesson-units of many authors from the whole world. It is edited by an intercultural team and constantly updated on our internet page and expanded
  • We are connected worldwide over all linguistic boundaries.

Internationales LeitungsteamInternational management team in Frascati, Rome 2009

Standing from left to right: Jeanne Luyun, Heinrich Gockel, Klaus Beurle, Gustavo Benitez, Maria Fachini, Anton Rotzetter, Benedikt Mertens, Marlene Perera, Jean Francis Mosali, Elmar Klinger, Judith Dinkel, Andreas Müller, Patricia Hoffmann, Alphonsa Kiven, Maria Schwabe, Bill Short, Luis Patiño.

Sitting from left to right: Hermann Borg, Jarosław Wysoczanski, Pascal Fomonyuy, Guido Zegarra, Veronica Njeri Irungu.


Members of the Central team are:

  • the president of the CCFMC
  • the group-leader of the CCFMC e.V.the managing director
  • the employees from the CCFMC centre in a leading function
  • the continental and regional coordinators and
  • the representatives of the different branches of the Franciscan family in Rome