CCFMC News December 2016


”Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests“.

                             CCFMC News December 2016

Heilige Familie auf der Flucht“It is a quite simple message for people with simple ears and hearts: the Savior is born, God is glorified, and there is peace on earth for those people of His mercy” Fr. Hadrian Koch writes in the December News. And he continues, “that we not really put our trust in this Good News. There is peace on earth – not then and not now. Search for shelter then and now.“

We do not trust the Good News because the disturbing images of war and destruction, flight and displacement are at our doorstep every day; because we are afraid that we can no longer take prosperity and peace for granted. We feel that we might also have something to do with it. Pope Francis has repeatedly reminded us during the Holy Year of Mercy that the Good News that Jesus brings us requires our active participation. Entering “The Kingdom of God” means to repent. It is to leave the streets, convenient but misleading, the idols of this world: the success at all costs, the power at the expense of the weak, the thirst for wealth, pleasure at any price, and instead to open the way for the Lord who comes just as John the Baptist had proclaimed. The Lord does not take away our freedom, but gives us true happiness”.

             With all this in mind, we would like to wish you 
            a blessed and encouraging Christmas Celebration

The Team of the CCFMC Centre
Hadrian, Franziska, Patricia, Reginarda, Judith, Andrea, Wolfgang
and Andreas



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