Pope Francis and the Consecrated Life


Pope Francis and the Consecrated Life


Many negative developments in the world and in the Church may be the reason for us to feel pessimistic and discouraged. But especially in times of crisis the Christian hope begins to shine. It is far more than an expression of naïve optimism. Only Religious and congregations generating hope can be attractive to people. "Can we expect God’s tomorrow? “The Pope asks us. [...]

For them, God’s tomorrow is the dawn of Easter morning of this particular day of the week. The sole light lit at Jesus ‘tomb was his mother’s hope embodying the hope of all of mankind at that very moment. I am asking myself and all of you: Does this light still shine in the congregations? Do the congregations still await God’s tomorrow?

What prevails in my heart: Sadness or joyous hope?
What do people feel when encountering our congregation?”

(Excerpt from the Lent reflections following the Pope’s Apostolic Letter on the occasion of the Year of the Consecrated Life.)

Happy and Blessed Easter Holidays! May the Resurrected give us the strength to pass on this paschal hope.


Hadrian, Franziska, Patricia, Reginarda, Judith, Andrea,
Wolfgang and Andrea



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