Francis – the peacemaker


Francis – the peacemaker

CCFMC News October 2017

We are all quite familiar with the difficulty of being a peacemaker. We often have to experience that conflicts cannot be easily solved at all. This is frequently not the doing of others but can be part of our own inability. In his editorial in our CCFMC News October, Fr. Hadrian W. Koch states that you have to learn to be a peacemaker. Francis of Assisi is able to show us how it is done as in his day he was regarded as a great peacemaker. We will notice that it all begins with ourselves.

The CCFMC News October also contains further most interesting reports. Fr. Jürgen Neitzert OFM had been tasked by the CCFMC Centre to evaluate the active use of the CCFMC Programme in Latin America. In Brazil he met with action groups on “justice, peace and integrity of creation“ and also got together with the OFM instructors from across Latin America, and in Argentina he visited the “inter-Franciscan Centre”. It is most interesting to find out about the still active state and the basis for expansion of the CCFMC in Latin America.

We also received encouraging news from Africa and India, which also demonstrate the importance of staying in contact with each other.

Andreas Müller OFM


Lots of strength and courage to the Feast of St. Francis 2017

The CCFMC team wishes you.




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