CCFMC News 2018_1


CCFMC News 2018_1

Paschal time

What exactly does »to rise from the dead« mean? What had happened between Jesus‘ burial and the experience of the empty tomb? How can resurrection be comprehended? Why is Easter the central religious feast of the liturgical year? And why is this feast the reason for our hope?“ […] “Without the faith in resurrection we cannot call ourselves Christians. Then we are not even a Church. This annual remembrance also provokes us to verify our faith.”

This is how Hadrian W. Koch OFM summarizes the Easter Message.The story of Jesus‘ passing and resurrection is an event that has changed the world. Not death but life has the final say. God signifies never-ending love and he wants co-loving individuals. All of creation is a sign of this love and it will be part of the ”new earth and the new heaven”. Francis of Assisi’s Canticle to the Sun is the Song of Songs of this unity of God, mankind and nature.

We are called to deliver this liberating message to the world. Our CCFMC News tells about the efforts of the Franciscan Family in Asia and Africa to transfer and vitalize this mission in our time.

Andreas Müller OFM




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